About the brand:

Abnormal Couture is a San Francisco based vintage + pre-loved retailer known for sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces from across the globe.  All items are hand-picked by founder, Ashley and are a reflection of a time, movement, place or story. At Abnormal Couture, we believe that vintage is for everyone and we seek to inspire through the storytelling of textiles.  

The early days of Abnormal Couture were spent sewing modern garments from vintage fabric. Upcycling skirts and chopping dresses was a standard that gave new life to otherwise less-desirable pieces.  Finding a way to style, edit and modernize well loved clothing continues to be at the forefront of what we do and why we do it.

Ultimately, Ashley knew that there was something to her ongoing art project and continued to stock-pile vintage while working her 'real job'.  Although the brand was on brief pause after relocating to California, Abnormal Couture has made a lightening fast comeback and is here to share the fashion, fun, and wearable art with anyone who wants to join the party! 




About Ashley: 

Born in Crete, Nebraska, Ashley grew up craving more than her small town had to offer.  She headed west to the desert with her family in the early 90’s and planted roots San Francisco over a decade ago.  The story of Abnormal Couture is merely the story of Ashley’s travels.  After completing her degree in Psychology and Art History from the University of Arizona, she realized that her passion was grounded in helping people heal through less traditional modalities: empowerment through beauty, fashion and unscripted human connection.  

Ashley earned her stripes as a professional makeup artist, working for key industry leaders including MAC, Chanel and NARS.  She saw fashion from the back stage at New York Fashion Week, on print campaigns with Seventeen and Maxim magazines and in partnership with Maybelline New York. 

While building a name for herself in the corporate sector, Ashley was (not so secretly) hoarding vintage.   She picked up pieces from her travels that felt like home.   Whether it was her first job as a secretary, a night at a punk show or adventures through the old dessert, each piece had a story, it carried a feeling.   If Abnormal Couture could be described in a single phrase, it might be, “A punk rock secretary headed west”.  If it was a song, it would be Willin’ by Linda Ronstadt.

We invite you to be a part of this story, the Abnormal collection and changing the fashion industry for the better.  Welcome!